Thursday, 14 November 2013



So I've been missing in action lately, I've had a very stressful time the last year and I'm excited for the New Year to roll round so I can start a fresh. Since my last post 3 months ago (whoopppps!) a few things have changed, firstly my hair colour and secondly I joined slimming world, I've lost just over a stone so I'm quite happy with myself if I'm honest. I thought I'd post a few snaps so you all know I'm not actually hibernating even though it's bloody chilly at the moment!

Padme giving me the eyes // My biggest achievement at SW // Siren make up for Halloween // Jumped on the ombre wagon // Anastasia Brow wiz is truly sent from heaven // My first cross stitch // Tulleys Farm with Taylor // Vivienne Westwood Birthday treat // Grumps // The beautiful Topshop leggings (There are dupes for those who don't want to pay £25!!) // Claws did // Black forest hot chocolate // My birthday flowers // The newest addition to the clan at Jack & Pete's house. His sister wouldn't let us get a photo!

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I was wondering how people feel about posts like this, do people like them or loathe them, let me know in the comments and link your blogs so I can check you out!

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  1. Love the photos. Pugs are amazing. I don't know how they look so silly and cute at the same time...

    Kristine |