Sunday, 12 January 2014


I didn't even really address the fact that it's a whole new year and that means we all make silly resolutions to do tonnes of things that we never do, or try to do and fail. Well that's how it is for me anyway. I thought I'd just post about what I want to do for the whole 350 odd days left of 2014! I'm not going to set myself unrealistic goals or ban things I think it's healthy to set goals that are achievable so then you actually want to do them!

Goal 1 is to stay on track and keep up with my slimming world journey. 
I know how you feel Barbie. // Just before I got to my heaviest on the left & 1 stone down on the right.

This Barbie picture is how last year felt for me, a size 12 to a 16 in a matter of months. I'll be honest, my best pal Jess and I took to eating out most evenings and heavy drinking while we partied and ate the year away along with being in for surgery that meant I had to have steroids so I took it to a whole new level and gained 3, well nearly 4 stone. INSANE amount of weight to gain in a year. I also was out of work for a few months and it felt like an eternity of sitting in, searching for jobs and eating what I wanted. It's now kicking me in the big fat butt though and I feel like a monster. However I have been doing Slimming World, I'm a stone down and my number 1 goal for the whole year is to lose another 2 stone, my friends wedding is coming up in May & Goal 3 also means I could be jetting off and I don't want to be ashamed of myself on the beach!

Goal 2 is to get in control of my finances.
I am one of those 'I can't take it with me when I die' kinda girls, if I've got it I will spend it even if it means tears and tantrums because I can't afford to live for a month.
I've started on the road to paying things off and living more in my means and not just buying because I can, I try to think of the consequences a little more now. 

NYC // Disney World 2011
Goal 3 is to travel more.
I was planning to move to London to live with my boyfriend but I think I might just stay with my family and travel a little more, I thought about it and I could plough all the money I have into living in London or going on fab holidays here and there or even setting off for a few months. This also helps goal 2 and saves me money in the long run. I like being with my mum most of the time, we move house in two weeks and I have a big room in the top of the house so it's like living alone any way! 

Goal 4 is to better myself at a skill.
I've always been someone who can try most things and I'm alright, Jack of all trades master of none springs to mind. I've never been career minded or wanted to do anything and was happy plodding along but after last year I don't want to anymore, there's a million things I could be doing and at least putting my mind to good use even if it's taking a course or going to make up school like I've wanted to.

Goal 5 is to cut back on smoking and drinking.
Infact I have only had 5 cigarettes this year, I haven't had one for 4 day now and today has been the first day I've wanted one but I'm not caving, I think my health is more important, I'll probably still socially smoke but the more I can cut down the better! I don't go out heavily anymore so this helps me cut right back.
I've also not been drinking a lot at all, I had drinks on New Years eve and that was it, unless it's a big event I don't think I'll be touching the wine as it's a drain on my cash and you also don't think about calories in drinks but since joining slimming world I realised just how many calories I was drinking on a Friday night!

I hope the beginning of your new year is off to a brilliant start.
What resolutions and goals do you have this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Think I got here through MUA on Facebook? :? Congrats on your weight loss so far and your goals look very achievable and hopefully will come to fruition in the coming year. :) x