Sunday, 9 February 2014


Oh my, it's nearly Valentine's day, the day that we're all forced to love one another or cry with your two favourite guys, Ben & Jerry.

This year will be no different for me, slap dash planned dinner or take away with my boyfriend but if unlike me you actually like to put some effort into Valentines then heres a few last minute ideas!


Valentines by Kyleigh-Rose

  1. Gift Cards are always a no brainer, you can get them from your other halves favourite shop or online store Et voilĂ  ! Perfect quick prezzie.
  2. Roses, it's valentines they're a given.
  3. These Zoeva brushes are beautiful, rose gold is my favourite and 8 brushes as well as a gorgeous pouch for £49 is quite a good deal. (Boyfriend take note!!)
  4. Perfume is a good call especially if you know your partners signature scent or what they like.
  5. A bath bomb or anything from Lush make great gifts, you can either make your own little set up or buy a pre made gift set, a personalised one with things you've chosen will always go down well, the thought really does count.
  6. How cute is this heart print dress from Mod Cloth, perfect for a classy dinner.
  7. Something a little more raunchy and rather expensive from Agent Provocateur, expensive but beaut!
  8. Then a good classic MAC - Russian Red lippy that would go rather well with the dress. 
These are pretty much all on my Amazon Wishlist!

I struggle with Valentine's for men as I find buying a guy a teddy and chocolates is totally cringey, is that just me?!
But heres a few things I know my boyfriend would appreciate

Valentines Ideas For Him

Valentines by Kyleigh-Rose

  1. A cozy beanie in this weather are a necessity, no one likes a cold head and ear ache, mens beanies always seem to be better than ladies. 
  2. iTunes gift cards are brilliant as you can buy anything your heart desires.. well anything on the app store!  (I'd probably spend mine buying extra lives for all the terrible games I play)
  3. Touch screen gloves! What a heaven sent invention, having to have your index finger get cold is a thing of the past, genius. 
  4. My boyfriend loves sweets, if we ever go to the supermarket he goes ham and spends a small fortune so one of these would make him a very happy but fat man.
  5. Get him a game. It'll keep him entertained for yonks and if like me you're a fan of gaming, you can nab it after him.
  6. Take your man to the cinema! Nothing wrong in treating your man sometimes.. as long as he buys the popcorn, drinks and hot dogs as they cost more than the ticket usually.  Cheeky..
  7. A Power Bank... If you own an iphone and spend 90% of your day on it you'll understand why you need a spare battery, Power banks are super handy as you can clip 'em to your keys after charging them and not have to worry about hitting the dreaded 10% 

If you're feeling the purse strings pinch you can make your partner a 3 course meal or get a take away, line up a playlist of movies, run some bubble baths and spend it together not worrying about how much you spent!

I hope this helped for quick and semi cheap (minus the sassy undies) ideas and I hope you all have a fabulous Valentines day!


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  7. Oh my gosh those underwear are absolutely gorgeous!

  8. I'm the same me and my boyfriend never do anything exciting, would be cool to get those makeup brushes though X

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  12. Ooo that heart dress is toooooo cute!