Monday, 24 February 2014

Sleek Blush | Rose Gold

I seem to be creating a blog dedicated to blusher lately but it's all down to the fact that I've been using MAC Fleur Power for about 3 years and never using anything else I thought it's time for change.
I've always wanted to try the oh so popular Nars Orgasm (£21.50) so in true form I found a dupe. ( I also seem to be running a dupe's blog!) After lusting at the Nars counter I had a reasonable idea of what it looked like then I searched online for a dupe and the Sleek Rose Gold blush was massively mentioned but I also noticed that it's a dupe for MAC Style blush (£18) too!

As soon as I saw this I was like a magpie, it's so shiny and pretty I didn't even swatch it I just chucked it in my basket and climbed my way to the queue in Brighton's Superdrug. (Shopping on a Saturday in Brighton, what a fool I am!)
Firstly the packaging is very clean and upmarket looking, it also feels sturdy. I don't feel like it's going to flip open and smash in my bag as many a time I've thrown my bag down only to discover I've smashed something inside, usually a pressed powder or blush.
 Inside is a mirror big enough to actually do your makeup in, I've had some compacts before that have mirrors made for borrowers inside...So I'm a big fan of the packaging!

This blush is very pretty but I found it comes out more gold than I'd thought after blending, having red hair I can't always wear brighter colours as I look like a flustered clown so it's actually beneficial for me for it not to be too pink so I suppose it's not a problem.
I think on my fingertips it's incredibly pigmented but as soon as I start to blend on my cheeks it loses a lot of colour, I also do have to reapply during the day if I want to keep the pink in my cheeks.
The blush is very soft to touch and as yet I haven't had that weird chunky feeling that some blushes get.
I just apply softly with a duo fiber brush or my Real Technique Contour brush for either a lighter or stronger effect. I think my Real Techniques brush picks more of the pink up if that's possible?

(Excuse my weird dead looking hand and the white specks, I've been decorating all day!)

As a Nars and Mac dupe I can't 100% comment It looks to me more like they'd be sisters and not a total replica but by what I've read it seems a really great contender for both and at a massively cut price.
You also get 8g of product with Sleek where as with Nars it's 4.8g and Mac 6g so it's nearly double the amount of product for a tiny £4.49 price tag.

 I think this blush either way is worth the money as I save time with a highlighting my cheeks when using it, I find it gives me a sun kissed shimmery glow without being overpowering on my pale complexion.
I wouldn't advise this for those who want a matte finish for obvious reasons!

Have you tried this blush? What did you think?


  1. That looks beautiful! Sad that it doesn't pick up more of the gold when you apply it! Have you used any other brushes and noticed a difference with that?

    1. I notice it's different with different brushes! I find with my fingertips it's really intense and as soon as I hit it with a duo fibre brush I cant get enough but I prefer to have too little than too much! xo

  2. I've repurchased this a couple of times and I absolutely love it! It's such a lovely colour and the packaging is great for the price! I've tried Nars Orgasm as well and I think I actually prefer the Sleek version!

    Nicola xx

  3. This blush is so lovely, will definitely have to get it soon! xx

    Abby |

  4. I haven't tried Rose Gold but it sure looks pretty!

  5. I have this blush and it is beautiful.

  6. I need to try more of a pink toned blush, and really want to try this one. I just hope the shimmer isn't too much for my little face!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. This colour is stunning, I love the sheen it gives. And it's such a bargain too! Really need to look into getting my hands on this...
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, would love for you to check it out :) - click here to enter my MAC giveaway
    Daniela xo

  8. A gorgeous color! I am also in love with Nars Orgasm and this looks like a really goof dupe, :)
    xoxo All Beauty Confessions

  9. I've heard positive things about Sleek makeup, I need to get me some!! This blusher looks like such a gorgeous colour too x

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  10. I have this blush and it is SOOO pretty! Only thing I don't like about it, is mine is really hard to get into. Like it won't open. But once you are in, it is so worth it :)


  11. Love this post!
    The pictures you made are very pretty.

    Have a wonderful day.


  12. it is such a beautiful colour, i've been meaning to pick it up for a while xx