Monday, 3 March 2014

REVIEW | Collection | Does It All 5 In One Mascara

After trying two Collection mascaras and being let down both times I was very unsure on this but I'd seen a few people say this is the perfect dupe for Benefit's they're real and at £3.99 I thought I'd have to try it!
It comes in two colours.. Black and well Black! Ones called Ultra black. Collection even does a waterproof version for people who can't live without it. This mascara claims that it's long wearing, it curls, volumises, lengthens and conditions your lashes, I definitely think it does all those things but maybe not condition. I've not noticed if my lashes are in bad or good condition so I'd have no idea how to tell, maybe this is why they're so annoyingly straight and short! I've been wanting a new mascara that curls and lengthens for me as I have these silly lashes that just stick out, curling doesn't always work either so anything that will help is always welcome in my make up bag.

The packaging seems a little cheap feeling, I think it's just the yellow band as mines loose feeling but not anything that would make me not want to purchase it, it's easy to use and the wand is wonderful, It's got separating bristles and on the tip it has a few that work wonders getting into the corner of your eye. The formula is perfect, it's not to wet but not dry for me this is the best consistency, I opened a waterproof one and honestly it was really dry so I tried another and the same so check before purchasing if you'd be able to work with a dry mascara! It doesn't clump and I don't find the wand to be too big even though the stick looks really thick, if you can see what I mean?

Apologies for the photo, I'm currently in London so have no camera apart from my iPhone and had to zoom in, I'll try to update this with pretty pictures soon!

I REALLY love this mascara, I've worn it all day and I feel like my eyes look so much wider even though I have small eyes and my lashes don't look deflated after all day wear either. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to try a mascara like Benefits They're real or who wants a genuinely super fabulous high street mascara. Currently all Collection make up below £4.00 at Superdrug so its a steal!

 Have you tried this? What did you think?

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  1. I almost brought this the other day and put it back down because the packaging put me off.... Gutted I didn't get it now!


    1. Same, I was a bit like hmmm about it, it feels cheap but it's such a good mascara!! Definitely try it!! xo

  2. Looks amazing. I will give it a try sometime :)

    1. It's currently on offer so don't miss out! xo

  3. I need to try this! Recently ran out of my Benefit They're Real mascara. :( xx