Saturday, 15 March 2014

REVIEW | MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural | Light Plus

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural | Light Plus | £22.00 
I've never been a powder fan, infact I'd say I dislike powder mainly because I used to wear so much of it I had that weird matte fluffy cakey face look going on for so long it now just reminds me of that but after a lady at the Brighton MAC store dusted some on my face for me I thought I might try this.
This powder is a described as a luxurious domed face powder that is baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish, The powder provides a low coverage so this is perfect for setting makeup without the cake.
There are 10 shades in the range and unlike the normal MAC NC/NW colour system these powders come in light, light plus, medium deep and medium plus etc so I found trying to find a shade a bit confusing especially with my quite yellow undertone luckily the lady pointed me to light plus as I'm around NC20. Id definitely ask for a hand if you can visit a counter or store.
I really love how soft and silky this powder is, I find setting under my eyes to be one of my biggest problems but I don't have to worry when using this because it's light enough. I get greasy in my T zone most of the time and this helps without my face being really obviously powdered. The packaging is, as always neat and tidy however I'm too scared to keep this in my bag as I don't want to smash the clear lid or the powder itself.
After using Select Sheer Pressed for ages and not quite loving it this gives me the finish I've always wanted from a powder but it is £22.00 for 10g of product, I have used this daily with a big fluffy brush on my T zone and a smaller brush to set under my eyes (Massive sufferer from black bags!!) and I'm hoping I'll never hit pan because it's become my new must have!

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  1. I really want to get this, fab review x

  2. Yay! I love learning about new makeup! Great review! I love your blog!

  3. I've been looking for a lighter change to me studio fix powder. Will go in and ask about this now :)

    Alice Anne | Annie Writes Beauty

  4. I adore the Mac powders, they are so long lasting and go on effortlessly.

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty

  5. I also have a MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Powder, I really liked it, you just reminded me I need to pull mine back out again. You know how it goes when you have a beauty blog, you get so caught up trying out new products, you forget what all you have until you read someone else review that product you once loved.

  6. I have this also, I love it although mine is more of a bronzer to contour with as the lady in MAC matched me with a way too dark shade! x

  7. Featured a few MAC products in my new post and now am annoyed I didn't include the MSF, they're soo good!! ♡

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