Saturday, 29 March 2014


Wishlist | March

I am in love with the new influx of beautiful gemstone and raw stone necklaces that have sprung up lately, between you and I for most of my childhood I collected a magazine called 'Treasures of the earth' that included a gem or mineral every two weeks, I kept my little collection secret for years but now I can let it free, I wish I'd kept them because I could have made some awesome necklaces out of some of them now, this pretty little one is from Delilah Dust but I'm thinking of making my own as I'm a crafty creature.

Illamasqua cream pigment in hollow has always been sold out when I've gone to store but I'm determined to own this little beauty, perfect for contouring those cheekbones, although I believe this is better for cool tones than warm if you're thinking about it.

After lusting after the Zoeva Rose Gold brushes for months they've been taken off sale for the moment due to some issues after washing but I then realised I actually need eye brushes and not face, I only have a handful of eye brushes from ELF and Real Techniques and a MAC 266 so a whole set in a pretty case would do the trick, I REALLY like everything I've seen from Zoeva, the products are effortlessly cool.

This strange contraption is a Brush Tree, you may have seen it before but it's a new thing to me and it looks like it would make my life at least 100% easier when washing brushes. Wash and then pop in this and away you go. I once made the epic mistake of letting water get into the ferrule, the whole thing fell apart and I had no idea what I'd done. Duh! To avoid the pain of misshapen and broken brushes one of these looks pretty damned handy.

I'm a concealer freak, I try so many and I've always got the bloggers favourite Collection lasting perfection concealer on the go but I would like to branch out, possibly to Boi ing by Benefit, however my experience of Benefit makeup hasn't been good at all so I'm hoping this can change my mind.

And last but not least Sugar Pill Pressed Eyeshadow in Tako, I'm on the hunt for a white eyeshadow that isn't to be honest naff, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I fear I may not be able to find a good one at the drug store and I'm definitely a fan on Sugar Pill as a company and all of the swatches I've seen of most of their shadows have been brilliantly pigmented so hopefully this will be my saving grace. 


  1. Great picks! I recently received some Zoeva eye brushes in the post and they're perfect! So soft and they make my eyeshadow look so much fancier.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Very inspiring blogger award take care xx julie.

  3. Some great items there! The Zoeva brushes are on my current wish list too :)

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty

    1. I'm dyyying for the Rose gold ones, soooo pretty and well priced x