Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Weekend | The Hair Nightmare!

Hello you little bunnies, I hope you had a fabulous Easter!

I had a really fun but also slightly traumatising one, my mumma and I went to town and she treated me to some goodies in Primark and I thought hell, you know what I want to go back brown as I've booked a holiday with one of my best friends and sun and sea aren't kind to red hair and I've got another of my friends wedding coming up and I am a bridesmaid. The bridesmaid dresses are a deep but bright purple and vibrant red hair with purple is a match made in hell so it made sense to go back to brown for a few months and hit the red bottle when all is done and over.
However after dying my hair brown and not removing the red I had the most confused hair colour in the world after two washes. My fringe was red and my ends brown, it looked silly so I got a box of trusty colour b4. I removed all the colour and was left a dark blonde but then as the day progressed it got darker and darker and I then had hair that didn't match my extensions at all so legging it to Asda with my pal Jess we got a box of bleach and did the deed. DREADED BLEACH NOOOOO! My hair has been in pretty good condition lately and luckily my hairs still very soft after a bleaching, I'll be giving it a coconut mask and some hugs later though for sure.
I'm currently a very yellow blonde and my extensions are peachy so my original plan was to go ombre again because it's very easy to maintain and isn't as 'boring' as brown so I still have two boxes of dye and I'm going to have to do a reverse ombre tonight, wish me luck. (Please pray for my hair, hahahaa)

However I did pick up some awesome deals, Frizz ease is currently 3 for £10 in Asda, The hair oil itself was £9.99 so this is definitely a mega steal.

I got a towel for my holiday, a unicorn bag, a hair bandana, large makeup bag, midi rings and some cute sunnies from Primark, then we headed over to the best shop in the world... Poundland! I am a Poundland fiend, it's always got amazing bargains and it didn't let me down. I got 2 of the Rimmel Wake me up Instant radiance shimmer touches and Collections Colour Match foundation all for £3, the foundation is £5.99 alone so definitely keep your eyes peeled in there.

After all the shopping I met my pals and we decided to go for a few drinks. I say a few, it was a rather fun and interesting night. It was a whirl of vodka and cinnamon shots, FYI they're vile. I don't even know why we kept having them! The next day I was more than a little worse for wear but I made sure I laid in bed with Jess all day and ate lots of bad food to cure me.

I would post more photos but they're all relatively hilarious/embarrassing/cringe and mainly taken in a spoons loo, how classy.

Easter Sunday we did a egg hunt round my house, we were all banished to our rooms so the eggs could be hidden away and my mum hid so many she actually lost count and we had to count how many are in this picture! I also won some Star Wars talking keyrings much to the dismay of my little brother who promptly threw a tantrum over Boba Fett and I had to hand it over, I may be 26 but still I definitely didn't want to share like a good sport.

Anyway, I hope you all had a brilliant one and got loads of eggs and had a relaxing holiday weekend!
How was your Easter? And if you've got any yellow hair tips other than purple/silver shampoo please share!

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  1. LOVE your hair!! I do love a poundland barg! x

  2. Oh thank you, I feel very strange, I've never been light before so it's a massive change for me!! x

  3. wow! so much Easter chocolate!
    love the hair!
    Marlee and You

  4. firstly good egg haul, secondly you have great eyebrows ,third - kinda love that peachy colour hair you're rocking! http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11875549

  5. ur gorg


  6. I think your hair looks pretty cool right now but I definitely think ombre would look amazing!! And you have so many easter eggs and bunnies!!! So jelly!!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  7. If this is your hair colour now, i think it looks amazing! I went this light over christmas but have since gone back dark and massively regret it for summer. Emily x


  8. I think this is a wonderful story!a egg hunt round my house, we were all banished to our rooms so the eggs could be hidden away and my mum hid so many she actually lost count and we had to count how many are in this picture!Rooftop Retractable Enclosures