Wednesday, 2 April 2014


For Christmas I got my iPad, possibly the best present ever especially as I travel a lot, I thought I'd post about a few of my favourite apps lately, I'm a sucker for a game and even worse when it comes to playing with photobooth. There's something just so hilariously funny about squishing your dogs head in photos.

Triple Town | Game | Free or £2.49 for unlimited turns.
 Don't be fooled by the cute little bears they're not cute they're actually the baddies in this game, this is a strategy game without playing it, it's hard to explain but the description on iTunes gives you a general idea and it's so addicting I spent most of Christmas and New Year hiding playing this and it hasn't stopped. Great for long journeys and boredom killing and no I'm not ashamed to admit it, but yes I bought it so I could play until my hearts content.
My Fitness Pal | Calorie Counter | Free
I'm sure the world and it's wife use this but if you ever fancied monitoring what you're eating along with your weight this is fab, you can scan in food using the barcode so you don't even have to spend ages searching for calories etc. You can add friends and post your progress or keep it secret, it's up to you but it's brilliant for helping you see where you're going right and wrong with your diet.

Seven Dwarfs: The Queens Return | Game | Free
This is a childs game yes, I'm not going to even try and sugar coat it but it's so freaking cute. It's your average build a town kinda game but because it's Disney it makes it better than the rest, you build things to explore the forest and eventually find all of the dwarfs. I will say as cute and addictive as it is there's a tonne of bugs with this so don't be too sad like me and freak out when it crashes.
Whitagram | Photo Editing | Free
If you take a selfie/photo of your cat/dinner and you wish you could make all fit in that stupid square on Instagram this is the app you need, it resizes it and gives you white edges perfect for photo sharing without cutting half someone's head off/half the cat off.

Quizz Up! | Game | Free
Sign in with Facebook and challenge your friends to a quizz war on loads of different subjects, from Star Wars to types of food! There's over 250,00 questions, seriously.. so much fun kicking someones butt at their favourite topic, especially if you like me have a secret competitive streak!

Netflix | Movies & TV |  Free app but subscription needed.
Ok the holy grail of TV apps, most people I know has Netflix or steals someone else's but this is good for bath time when I want a long soak while watching something. I highly recommend Orange is the new black & Sherlock FYI. If like me you were lucky enough to get Cartoon HD when it was around then you probably won't need Netflix but I just can't seem to get round to remembering to stop my subscription then they bring a new film out and reel me back in.. tut tut.

Farm Hero Saga | Game | Free
This game is made by King the addictive little so and so's that created Candy Crush and infact this is just like Candy Crush but cuter. You move the little 'cropsies' to make rows of the fruit and veg you need to collect. I posted a photo of this on Instagram and everyone wanted to know what it was or told me about their burning love for this game too, be warned it's a Facebook connected game so you'll probably send a million requests to your friends like I do, poor guys.

InstaVid | Video/Photo editing | Free
Ever seen other peoples photos that have moving video and pictures in one and wondered what wizardry it was? Well so did I until I found this app, Just select the bits of video and pictures you want to use and there's a tonne of layouts for you to play with.
Anyway I hope I haven't bored you to death, congratulations if you made it here!
I hope you try out some of the apps, let me know if you do and what you think below
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