Saturday, 5 April 2014

REVIEW | Mont Bleu | Swarovski Crystal Accessories

Recently I received a package from Mont Bleu, they are one of the worlds leading suppliers of glass nail files, all made of the highest quality Czech glass and decorated in beautiful Swarovski crystals.
I've never really heavily filed my nails due to the damage I endured when I once had them done in a nail salon, my poor nails bled down one side and were incredibly sensitive so I've been scared to file them for the longest time until I tried these glass files and erm how pretty?! The glass is so much gentler yet it does the same thing as a normal file, the grit on the board is really fine so can take a little while to file down but I don't generally use a file to take massive amounts of nail off so this works brilliantly.
 I've used a glass file before and it was so cheap feeling and thin I thought it would snap and it did after dropping it, you can certainly tell the difference between this and a cheap one off eBay. Unlike normal emery boards these take a lot longer to wear down so it may be a bit more money to pay out now but it's worth it.
I got the large size that's coloured and has crystals on it and a smaller one that's perfect for your handbag and fear not, the glass is toughened so they're super durable and safe.

The tweezers are a godsend, they're so comfortable because of the shape even though they have crystals all over them there's no compromise in usage. I've been keeping them in my makeup bag for a while now and the stones have stayed on so no worrying about them falling off!
I also got some little stud earrings that are ultra cute, I used to have stretched ears so one of my ears doesn't like to hold the studs up so my mums been rocking these!
Everything is so well made and dazzling, I especially love the protective sleeves that come with them as most accessories usually float about in the bottom of my never ending handbag getting smashed to smithereens.
I've been so surprised with the quality of all of the things I received, I'm also going to praise them for the postage and packaging, so well wrapped and protected as well as arriving in 3 days from the Czech Republic.
There's plenty more on the website from lighters to makeup brushes, I'll definitely be purchasing some in the future.

Have you ever used a glass nail file? What did you think?

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  1. Very pretty nail files - I always use glass files, they're just amazing! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

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  4. Wow.. these are insanely pretty! And so expensive looking! T.T

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  5. It's so beautiful , recently made a salary, so I plan to buy some jewelry to dress himself, personally like cristal swarovski, I do not know think?