Thursday, 10 April 2014

ZSL | London Zoo

Hi guys and dolls, just want to apologise if I haven't responded to any comments or even followed back on GFC but as you may have noticed I now have a .com url and it's taken a little while for all my bits and bobs to get back on track since making the change!

Anyway last week my aunt asked me if I wanted to go to London Zoo for her birthday, I'm not really a huge fan of zoo's because I always feel like animals should be free but then again I realise some animals need to be in programmes to help them from the hands of poachers or their habitat being destroyed by us senseless humans. I've been very on the fence about zoo's since my visit to Central Park Zoo in New York it wasn't very pleasant but London Zoo was actually a surprise, all the animals had big enough enclosures, looked stimulated and happy!

Me, my mum and my two youngest brothers set off on the train to London Victoria to meet my aunt and I have to say as always Southern Rail's service was diabolical, If I didn't have to travel with them I wouldn't. 
We went from Victoria to Camden Town and the zoo is a 15 minute walk from there.
Ticket prices for ZSL are £26.00 for an adult and £18.50 for a child, I personally think it's a little steep but we used some 2 for 1 tickets if you want to print them out it's definitely worth it.
Arriving in the zoo there's a giant gorilla statue so we all had some photos and then off into the jungle of animals! 
There was lots of information about the animals from their names to where the animals come from along with staff who were really friendly, told us lots of fun facts and had props to show us such as replica tiger teeth and skulls!
Here's a few (hundred) photos of the day

We found there were loads of different activities to do and lots of talks, we watched the penguin show and it was just basically them being fed and some information about the penguins, Ricky the rockhopper didn't want to say hello either, he hid behind a rock in a mood, cheeky penguin. They were sooooo cute, anyone who knows me knows penguins are one of my favourite animals and my mumma got my the cutest penguin keyring.
I loved that you can walk through with monkeys, birds and the rainforest animals, you're able to get so up close with the animals and it's really exciting knowing a monkey can jump on you at any time, if not a little scary.

During a talk a bird decided to poop on me so I got a special badge, of course I was the only one it happened to, little bit awkward.
There's such a variety of animals from owls to otters, I loved the tigers as they've just had 3 new baby tiger cubs born there, alas they didn't want to come out to see me though even though I waited for half hour :(
I also tried to conquer my fear of moths and butterflies as they have a walk through, I just stormed in guns blazing head on into my fear then when inside I was having a slight melt down, one of the helpers noticed and came over and had a chat with me and told me not to go to the left because there was a giant atlas moth, I then noticed I was panicking so decided to leave but I'm glad I tried because I actually found it interesting even if it was slightly petrifying.
We stopped to have some lunch in the cafe in the middle of the zoo and although there was a lot of choice it was really pricey, around £11 for a burger and chips and the chips were under a hot lamp not fresh. I just had a tuna sandwich that was £3 so next time I'll take a packed lunch.
And everyone needs a selfie with a Gorrilla right, the gorillas were inside and it was slightly concerning to see the glass to their enclosure was smashed, the zoo was in the process of fixing it so no gorillas on the loose thank goodness. 
I had a really good day apart from the travel, again the trip home was nothing but stressful thanks to an hour delay, I got home at gone midnight and crawled like a slug up to my bed. 
I highly recommend taking a trip to the zoo and making a donation, the whole day was really fun and interesting, I would love to go back because we missed a few animals as the zoo is massive!
This isn't a sponsored post these are my own views and opinions.
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  1. I adore zoo's! I went to Colchester zoo last weekend and it was amazing. I'm going to Berlin next week and were going to the zoo there.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Looks like you had a great time :) Great photos btw
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  3. I feel the same about zoo's I'm so glad you posted this I've been uming and ahing for ages now whether I should take my girls and I think i might just take them asap :) I thought I was a total weirdo and alone I'm terrified of butterflies and moths too x

    1. Definately go but get the print out vouchers because it's quite pricey! And take a packed lunch and honestly if you're scared it's not a good idea to go in as the critters are just all flying around you, way too much for me haha xo

  4. Awh I recently went to London Zoo as well, I'm reliving it all through your photos! That gorilla was amazing!
    Did you go into the walk-through monkey enclosure with the squirrel monkeys? They're not in cages and just hop around you, it's so fun!

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. Yes! Although I only saw one monkey! I think they were hiding from me as I wanted to take them all home! hahah xo

  5. Love the Zoo! Its such a family friendly outing and there is always something interesting to see. I like how you are concerned for the animals welfare but I think these days especially in England and Australia- where I am from, people are smart enough to be kind to animals. And also realise thier importance. I have a cruelty free cosmetics blog if you are interested and an animal lover : )
    Renee x