Saturday, 24 May 2014

False Lashes | Tips & Tricks

Hello lovely, this is a big fat post so grab a cuppa or even a glass of wine and settle in! 
I love using falsies to vamp up my look however sometimes these pesky little so and so's can be a pain to put on or even keep on. There's nothing worse than having an eyelash literally pop off in the middle of partying or it stabbing you in the eye all evening so it sounds silly someone telling you how to apply them but here are a few tricks I've learnt for getting beautiful lashes!
There are many different types from strip lashes to singles, thin to thick, long to short and it all depends on the kind of drama you want to create. If you're going for a day look singles are great and if you're wanting to channel your inner drag queen there's some insane strip lashes around.

I usually wear strip lashes but have you ever noticed they sometimes stab you or peel up in the corner?
I find 'cheaper' lashes are the main culprit for this and I solve this by holding both sides of the lash and bending it in an arch and rocking back and forward so the lash becomes curved and trimming it slightly as I have little eyes. The band along the top of the lash is also another factor, if its really thick like the ones pictured are the lashes don't bend half as much as thin band lashes so the curve trick is out the window.

As you can see theres a huge difference in these lashes and the 99p lashes are almost unwearable. This is where some scissors come in handy, shock horror, yes cutting your lashes into 2 or 3 bits will relieve the tension on your eyelash band and you can place them without stabbing yourself in the eye or peeling up! Place them in the same way they should go so remember what goes where. Not everyone has the same eye shape and size so this is perfect for those who really struggle with lash sizing.

Now this sounds very weird, I know but if you have greasy eyelids make sure you blot or mattify, If I don't prime my eyelids I find it does make a difference as well as cleaning and removing eyelashes don't use oil based products or face cleansers as it stays in the fibers.

I love Ardell Demi Wispies, these are my lash of choice! They're made of human hair and it makes them so much easier to use than synthetic and they look a lot more natural, the band is see through and very flexible.
These are super easy to apply and they are comfortable unlike some lashes I've used. I get mine off eBay for around £3 however they're now sold in Boots.

Gluing and applying the lash. My goodness I have got this wrong so many times, too much and you've glued your eye shut, too little and you're desperately trying to shove glue in your lashes and destroying your eye make up in the process.
  • Squeeze/Dab some glue on to your eyelash case/anything you don't care too much about and leave it while you're prepping your eye. Do your eyeliner, curl your lashes and pop some mascara on if you want to, you can do this after too but I like to do it before. 
  • Then either use a cotton bud or the end of a lip liner/pencil to dab the glue along the strip lash. You don't want to drown your lash in glue because it'll be a gooey mess. A thin but full coat is best!
  • Applying as close to the lash line on the lashes is the best for me and doesn't ruin your make up. Hold the lashes in the middle and push then you can pat down the outer corners for perfect lashes.

Single lashes are great for just filling in some sparse areas on the lash line, as you can see they're little knotted lashes. These took me a lot of practice to even get them on without sticking them to my eyebrows but you'll get there with some patience.
  •  Holding the lash with some tweezers dip them in a TINY bit of tacky glue.
  • They come in different lengths so you can make them look natural placing smaller closer to the inner corner and the longer lashes on the outer corner to get the desired effect. 
  • With these lashes you need to use single lash glue, I've always used normal strip glue and the reason they don't stay is because you need a different type of glue! Who even knew... maybe only me.
Eyelash 101

Here are the things that I think are a must for applying lashes.
  • A good glue thats fit for purpose, no point in getting black glue if you're doing a natural lash with no eyeliner or strip glue for single lashes. Duo is probably the most well known brand, I happen to use Eylure Lashfix at the moment as it's easy to grab in Boots. 
  • Tweezers are the best way, in my opinion to apply your lashes to your lash line. My fingers are too chubby to just plonk them on and you get much better precision using tweezers. You can also get a lash applicator but they're glorified tweezers!
  • Curling your lashes helps blend your lashes to the falses, it's sometimes very obvious if you've not curled or applied a coat of mascara to your real lashes.
  • Cotton buds/Q-tips are good for cleaning up your lash glue nightmares cus getting it on your fingers then touching your lashes = gluey lashes. The worst!

I hope this is in some way helpful to anyone who struggles applying or even keeping lashes on, trying to explain via words and not showing someone is really hard, let me know what you think and if you've got any top tips below.

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  1. Thank you for this amazing post, Just what I needed! :D

  2. Will ha e to try your cutting tip, I'm useless with lashes I've never been able to get them to stay on and not poke me. Maybe now I can x
    Thanks for the tip