Wednesday, 7 May 2014

REVIEW | Illamasqua | Hydra Veil

I know when Hydra Veil was released there was this huge hype so I dived right in and got a pot when visiting the flag ship store and then when visiting with a voucher I was given for Christmas I got another pot in the fantastic 'Skin Trinity' deal they did, it was at the time £50 (Now £70!) So I've had two pots and a long enough time to truly say I love this product.

What is Hydra Veil I hear you shriek! Well...
At first I, like a million other ladies and gents thought it was a primer. It's not, Illamasqua call it a 'cosmetic care' product. It's a jelly like substance that instantly hydrates sad, dull skin. I can always tell a difference in my skin texture and look when wearing it.
I can only compare Hydra Veil to a slimy jelly, you can cut it, mix it all up squish it around with the scoop and it goes back to its original state, my ex boyfriend actually loved playing with this!
However being 'slime' like it doesn't feel gross, it's really refreshing and just melts into my skin, there's a slight sticky feeling then it goes, when it gets to the sticky stage thats when I usually buff in my foundation. A tiny bit also goes a very long way, I don't ever need a full scoop so as pricey as it may be it will last, I've only used around half of one pot and this is since maybe November last year.

This isn't a long term fix for what your moisturiser isn't doing either, it's definitely a pick me up that even when used daily I see the benefits from. I live by the mantra 'shit base, shit face' so if your skin looks sad, your makeup will too.
I moisturise as normal, let it sink in then scoop a pea (if that) size amount out onto the back of my hand and dot over my whole face paying special attention to my eye area, wait for the tacky feeling then over with my foundation for a really glowy look without being greasy.

Isn't the little spoon adorable, I'm so easily lured in with silly cute things but I love the packaging, it makes me feel like I'm using a really high end expensive product. (Definitely need to get out more..)
Perfect for quenching your skins thirst, a great post shave balm for the the gents and all round good guy for making your skin look the bomb when you don't feel it.

Although I will say I'm disappointed with the incredibly steep price hikes at Illamasqua I would love to buy this again, what do you think? Have you tried Hydra Veil?
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  1. Looks interesting! I may just have to purchase it and give it a try!

  2. I never heard of it :)
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    let me know what you think :)

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  3. 'Shit base, shit face' had me in stitches aha. Really wanna try this but I have none of the money at the moment, wahh.

  4. Love that I found your blog today, you're a funny bugger :) I've been eyeing this up for ages, but considering I pay £6 for my current primer I can't seem to bring myself to fork out that much for a new one.