Thursday, 1 May 2014

REVIEW | MUA | One Direction Lipstick | Rock Me

I never thought I'd post the words 'One Direction' on my blog because I am definitely not a massive 1D fan however I am a fan of this lipstick. The shade instantly reminded me of MAC's Snob with its blue/lilac undertones and I thought it might be a good dupe but it's definitely got a lot more lilac to it than Snob.

The packaging with this is more MAC shaped, a bullet topped lid compared to MUA's normal straight topped lippies, even though the product has a lot more glitz to it than their normal range it does still feel quite cheap-ish. This unlike their other lipsticks doesn't have the screw off bottom with extra product in but I love the fact the lipstick itself has x and o's all over it, a very nice touch.

(Hopefully I'll pop in a photo of me wearing this lipstick but I currently have two spots the size of small mountains residing on my chin, lovely)

The top photo is on it's own and then with MAC Snob for comparison, I really love the shade however it does make my hands look very blue when I'm quite olive/yellow toned! I do find if you have no warmth in your face or blonde toned hair it can make you look a little blue.
The longevity isn't anything special but for £2 you don't mind reapplying especially when it's a really soft and creamy on the lips, this has a subtle scent just like the original MUA lipsticks.
Even as a non 'directioner' I do love this lipstick, I was going to make a joke using one of 1D's lyrics but I'll spare you.

Did you, like me kinda think 'erm why does 1D have a makeup line?' What do you think of these lipsticks? Have you rocked one of the boys on your pout?
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  1. It is actually quite a sweet colour! Would defo buy it.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. It looks like a lovely color! Love lipsticks with blue undertones! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. I think I prefer that colour to Snob, but I also wonder why, of all things, they have come out with a make-up line. Seems a bit odd, not that I think they have much to do with it.