Monday, 5 May 2014

Wishlist | May

Wishlist | May
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I am a bad person, I've recently got so up in a tizz about planning a trip to Thailand I forgot that I am going to Palma Nova in just over a month, I booked it with a friend a while ago and holy cow it's nearly here.
I went last year with my BFF and 25ish other friends and it was insane, as you can imagine 30 odd drunk young adults a bay over from Magaluf.

Last time half the stuff I took I didn't even take out my bag, I lived in leggings and a floaty top or my swimming costume and a cover up, I'm thankfully a stone lighter this time round so I want to rock a high waisted bikini instead of a costume, this one is insanely cheap and cute. To go with a cute bikini you need a cute bag, this mermaid motif one will do just the job.

As the owner of a lions mane I am NOT going to a humid hot country without hair serum, I did last year and I've never regretted anything more in my life. I felt like Monica in the Barbados episodes of Friends. My life depends on Frizz Ease, I'd suggest going to either Superdrug or Asda for it at the moment, amazing offers on!

I also got somewhat fried on the beach, I used sun cream but still felt like my skin was going to explode, I was like a giant sausage so I'm going to be bathing in a medium protection sun screen, I usually also use SPF 50 on my tattoos as the sun is the biggest enemy of colourful tattoos.

Also to tame my hair I could do with some cute accessories, having odd colour hair it's sometimes hard to accessorise but something plain and cute like this little headband would be perfect.

And finally I need to print my tickets and make sure my passport arrives because I only sent it off last week, I am the epitome of bad luck so I can only imagine what's going to happen.. OH and Euros.

I'm only going to take leggings, floaty tops or dresses, my makeup bag, vans and flip flops with me other than the things listed for a stress free packing malfunction free mini break, I'm now super excited!

Sorry about my absence recently, I've been having a tough time personally and there's no point in me writing if my hearts not in it, I don't want my blog to be full of pumped out junk, I hope you all understand and have a bloomin' marvelous Bank holiday Monday!  

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  1. Kyleigh hope things are going ok! Sorry to hear you're struggling. Anyway nice post! I hope you have an awesome trip.
    ps good to see your snapchats back up and running! :D

  2. that bikini is so cute! xx

  3. I'm slightly obsessed with high-waisted bikini bottoms at the moment and this one is lovely!! :D Thanks so much for the follow on GFC Gisforgingers xx