Wednesday, 25 June 2014

TRAVEL | Holiday Essentials

By the time you lovely lot are reading this I shall be sunning myself on the beach of Palma Nova in Spain! 
I went here last year with my best pals on the most insane holiday but I decided I wanted to head back to relax after a really turbulent and horrible year. 
I was packing the other day and it's so stressful thinking of every little thing you need and how to organise the space in my case so here's some of what I'm taking with me!

Friday, 20 June 2014

BIRCHBOX | June 2014

Ok, I caved. I got a Birchbox subscription. If you're unsure of what a Birchbox is it's a monthly subscription for £10 that lets you try out different products without committing to buying the whole product and introducing you to things you might not normally try.

I saw all over the twittersphere the magical Beauty Blender was in some selected boxes and I couldn't help myself. For years I've wanted to subscribe to either Birchbox or Glossybox and I've noticed a lot more hype around the Birchbox as of late so I took the plunge and here the Brazilian World Cup themed box is...

Thursday, 19 June 2014

W7 | First Impressions

Recently I've been playing with these items from W7*, W7 is known for low price but good quality products and is a brand I'm quite familiar with as it's sold in a few shops near me and I'm an avid fan of their In The Buff Palette.

They've recently worked with Playboy to create some lovely pieces and my favourite items are definitely the lipsticks. From left to right these are Centerfold Pink, Playboy Red & In The Pink all colours that are wearable and despite Centerfold pink being bright it doesn't come out as garish looking and it's probably the one I've worn most even though I thought at first thought I'd never wear it!
The formula glides on and is soft, they have a slight lavender smell but it's not unpleasant. Playboy Red seems to wear really well and I don't find it just vanishes it fades nicely. I also received the Playboy Mascara and it's been in my makeup bag since, it's a very wet mascara and they're my favourite so I shall be taking it on holiday. The Playboy Polishes I received are in Fluro Euro and In the 90's, In the 90's is AMAZING, lovely silver shimmery colour and one coat does the job! It'll look brilliant as an accent nail colour especially against Fluro Euro.

Friday, 13 June 2014

REVIEW | DIRTY LOOKS | Hair Extensions

Recently I received some hair extensions from the lovely Dirty Looks, I first heard of Dirty Looks after googling Head Kandy extensions as I'd heard good things about them and I saw they'd now changed to HK extensions same quality hair but different branding and sold on Dirty Looks website. Here's a little post on their blog to clear up any confusion! Dirty Looks is more than about just extensions, they sell hair care, styling tools, products and have a blog so it's definitely worth a look on their website even if you're not interested in extensions.

Monday, 9 June 2014

EVENT | Lights Camera Currys!

A few weeks ago I was invited to my first ever blogger event, I received an email from the lovely Shaun who works over at Joe Blogs explaining that Currys were running a photography workshop with Brighton based happy snapper Dade Freeman and I was so excited! I've had my Canon 1000D for about 4 years now but I've never ventured off the 'auto' feature, I guess through my laziness and I really find reading about things isn't the best way I learn so I jumped at the chance to be taught properly by a professional photographer!
The event was held in central Brighton at the Brighton Media Centre and finding it wasn't what I was nervous about, I nearly bailed because I was literally terrified of meeting lots of bloggers that I'd never even spoken to but knew from Twitter and other social media, I braced myself and walked into a room of lovely ladies who I think were all as nervous as I, lesson learned don't freak out and run away.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Wishlist | May

Bit late with this one aren't I! I've had no time at all to post as I've been a busy bee helping my friend out with her wedding, attending her wedding, travelling between Eastbourne and Worthing and then working so finally before I shoot off to Brighton again for Sundays 'Lights Camera Currys' event. 

Monday, 2 June 2014

MINI HAUL | Primark

I stayed with one of my best friends last weekend for her wedding and we decided yesterday to go to Ikea in Essex. Firstly I was excited at the thought of a 60p hot dog then remembered that Lakeside is in the same retail park as Ikea, Lakeside is a big shopping center with shops from Lush to Forever 21 so I was dying to have a roam around especially to the Primark that's 3 floors and probably one of the biggest ones I've visited. Oh.. and there's Taco Bell there, so you should visit just for that!