Friday, 13 June 2014

REVIEW | DIRTY LOOKS | Hair Extensions

Recently I received some hair extensions from the lovely Dirty Looks, I first heard of Dirty Looks after googling Head Kandy extensions as I'd heard good things about them and I saw they'd now changed to HK extensions same quality hair but different branding and sold on Dirty Looks website. Here's a little post on their blog to clear up any confusion! Dirty Looks is more than about just extensions, they sell hair care, styling tools, products and have a blog so it's definitely worth a look on their website even if you're not interested in extensions.

I'm a massive fan of clip in extensions due to the versatility of them but I've only ever found one company I like until now.
I loved the packaging of these, most extensions come in a plastic wrap thats folded up but these are brilliant, the box is a fab way of storing your hair when you're not using them and they even supply extra clips.
The extensions themselves come in a slick packet that has a compartment for you to test the quality on the right and colour match before deciding to go on and opening the whole package. I think this is a freaking amazing idea as I've made the mistake of buying hair thats the wrong colour and then not being able to return it.

These particular set are the HK Full Head human hair in 16-18 inches, they're roughly 160grams and I got the shade Liquorice and they have a really handy tool here for selecting a shade or you can even email them a picture of your hair and they'll help you out with colour matching!
With this set you get a quad weft with 4 clips, 2 3 clip pieces, 5 2 clip pieces and 2 single clip pieces. The pieces are numbered on these little white tabs, check out the diagram for how they suggest you clip yours in.
The clips for me on hair extensions are really a huge deal, these are some of the nicer ones. They have the silicone band to keep them in and up, don't pull and they're not too heavy in the hair even the volumiser doesn't feel like its hurting or going to slide out. Massive bonus as this is one of my biggest fears!

Overall these extensions are lovely, soft, shiny and the perfect length to blend with my hair, there is an option to go shorter or longer, perfect for any length.
My hair is incredibly thick as you may be able to see so I think I might have to buy an extra volumiser as I normally would due to the sheer amount of hair I have but that's personal preference! I also have them loosely curled in the pictures below, the first time I've curled them the curls dropped reasonably fast but I usually find that with brand new hair and after a wash they'll hold the curl a little better. I totally love these hair extensions and I'd highly recommend them to anyone to try hair extensions. These are some of the most well made and neatly presented ones I've ever used and I've been wearing clip ins for around 6 years now.
I'll definitely be investing in some of the hair care products they do for extensions in the future to keep mine happy!

 Have you tried these before? Would you like to? Let me know what you think below...

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  1. Great post! These are my all time favourite clip-in hair extensions used them for years.

  2. These look lovely! I haven't worn extensions in a long time- I had to throw mine because they got ratty really quickly, I just miss the volume. May have to treat myself! :)

  3. It is very important to take care of your Hair Extensions just like normal hair otherwise they are bound to tangle. Comb and shampoo them regularly so that they do not tangle. You can visit to get more tips for managing your Tape In Hair Extensions.

  4. Thanks for this post! I also have really thick hair and its a pain finding extensions that can match the thickness.