Thursday, 19 June 2014

W7 | First Impressions

Recently I've been playing with these items from W7*, W7 is known for low price but good quality products and is a brand I'm quite familiar with as it's sold in a few shops near me and I'm an avid fan of their In The Buff Palette.

They've recently worked with Playboy to create some lovely pieces and my favourite items are definitely the lipsticks. From left to right these are Centerfold Pink, Playboy Red & In The Pink all colours that are wearable and despite Centerfold pink being bright it doesn't come out as garish looking and it's probably the one I've worn most even though I thought at first thought I'd never wear it!
The formula glides on and is soft, they have a slight lavender smell but it's not unpleasant. Playboy Red seems to wear really well and I don't find it just vanishes it fades nicely. I also received the Playboy Mascara and it's been in my makeup bag since, it's a very wet mascara and they're my favourite so I shall be taking it on holiday. The Playboy Polishes I received are in Fluro Euro and In the 90's, In the 90's is AMAZING, lovely silver shimmery colour and one coat does the job! It'll look brilliant as an accent nail colour especially against Fluro Euro.

This Creme De La Creme cream blush in Rosy is another one of my most worn out of the items, really pigmented and not too sticky, I like cream blush because it's so easy to add and remove compared with powder blushes.
On to the two eyeshadows, these are Perfect eye in Golded Eye and Super Colour High Pigment Shadow in Sugar Sugar. Golded eye was a lot more pigmented than Sugar Sugar and wasn't as chalky. As you can see below they both left me with a sheen more than a solid colour, I found they're good for a pop of shimmer in the inner corner of my eye to widen it.

(As you can see the sun decided to set while taking photo's here!)
This Camouflage Kit £4.95 is really good for mixing your own personal shade if none match, the coverage is quite light but does the job if you're going for a more natural finish, this will be good for the coming summer and I'm glad it has a mirror as I don't have a little one in my makeup bag anymore.

I also received a Black Gel Pencil £3.95 and their Fixing Spray £4.95 and I'm again taking this away with me to spain to really put it through its paces but so far it's done a good job of holding my makeup in place.

I'm enjoying using all the products and W7 were particularly generous with what they sent me so I'm very grateful!I know these are currently available at TJ Hughes as well as other selected stores that are linked here, I've unfortunately not been able to get prices for everything on here but If I can find them I'll update as soon as I can! I can't wait to take most of this little haul on holiday as the lipstick and nail polishes are really going to get me feeling all summery the only ones I'd leave behind? The eyeshadow In Sugar Sugar.

Have you tried W7? What did you think?

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  1. Must try some of their products :)