Saturday, 7 June 2014


Wishlist | May

Bit late with this one aren't I! I've had no time at all to post as I've been a busy bee helping my friend out with her wedding, attending her wedding, travelling between Eastbourne and Worthing and then working so finally before I shoot off to Brighton again for Sundays 'Lights Camera Currys' event. 
Being a chunky girl I like to get my legs out but not past my knee, my problems start at the knee so pencil and midi skirts are rockin' my world at the moment. Anything that sucks me in at my waist and hides my thighs is a winner!
This swimsuit I saw on a pals instagram and nearly wept over how GORGEOUS it is. Ugh! I've already got 2 for holiday just old ones and a high waisted bikini so can I really buy another one? I don't think I should really but look at it... It's £36 is that too much? Can you see the war that's going on in my head?!
I spotted this dress in River Island and it's right up my street, covers the bits I don't like and still looks sleek, I love that this Bardot style is in at the moment, it helps me feel glam without having my arms out. My arms are my nemesis. 
This sponge has been my best friend and a life saver, I did my first bridal makeup last Friday and this gave me the perfect finish so good that the mother of the bride and a few others asked for me to do their makeup! For £5.99 this is better than dare I say it.. my Mac 187 that's 6 times the price. This is currently my Holy Grail gadget.
Since MAC upped their prices on lipsticks I haven't bought any and I don't know if I will, Creme Cup is one of my all time favourites but £15 seems insane when there are amazing dupes and brilliant quality copies on the high street now. This is Pretty Please, I've not tried it but it's so pretty and perfect for summer I may be lured back in.
On a night out a while ago I seem to have mislaid my shoes, yes really I lost my shoes so this means I now have to buy some more doesn't it! I love the look of all the chunky soled wedges and huge platforms in lately but these really caught my eye, They'd be perfect on a night out and this time I won't lose them!!
Looking at this I don't seem to be very adventurous with colour do I,  What's on your wishlist this month?  
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  1. love love love this swimsuit!! i am in the same boat, can i justify £36? x

  2. That swimsuit is sooooo gorgeous!