Saturday, 5 July 2014


Hello my little petit pois! 
I'm sure you're all bored of hearing about my holiday so yes it's over and I am sad, it was incredibly hot at 33 degrees so I'm very thankful to be home in the cooler weather! Anyway on to my July Wishlist, I somewhat struggled with this as I find I want literally everything I see lately...

Wishlist | July

This dress from Romwe is only $19.99, a incredibly low price for something that looks so chic, I think it also covers everything well but you're still going to stay cool while partying. We seem to be at that time in the year when some people wear next to nothing to the cluuub!

Tarte is still a stranger to me, I've been wanting to buy something to try the brand for so long but I always forget! Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation says it's a weightless full coverage foundation and I'm also a newbie to powder foundations as I can be quite dry in some areas but I'd love to try this one.

I've heard so many good things about this Too Faced - Better Than Sex mascara and as a self confessed mascara junkie I think I need it, Too faced always do such nice packaging and this little pink baby is adorable, price wise it's quite a punch but it can go on my 'to buy one day when I'm rich' list.

Redken are one of my favourite hair brands, this little set again is pricey but last time I received some Redken goodies they lasted me an awfully long time so I don't mind paying more for the quality and the health of my hair is also very important. I've wanted to try the Diamond oil alone but I really want to try the whole set to see if it does make a difference as using one product alone may not help my mane.

Look at this bloody purse, eeesh. I love Vivienne Westwood in all her crazy glory, everything she does is effortlessly cool and my purse is on it's last legs. I've got a Vivienne bag that I love thus meaning this purse is a must.

Lastly a very cute casual dress from Motel, I love the whole moon and stars vibe around at the moment and this loose floaty dress will do me fabulously for the summer.

Overall a very pricey (minus the Romwe dress) Wishlist, yikes! Better win the lottery ASAP!
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  1. Love the Motel dress! Though I find their stuff comes up so short..which is just as well, as otherwise I'd buy everything!