Thursday, 14 August 2014

REVIEW | £3 & £1.59 Makeup Brushes?

I recently found myself on CN Direct, the home of everything made in China, ever. Lurking the Makeup section I found some brushes that looked really nice but for the price how good could they really be?
The 4 Face brushes cost £3.34, These are available in 6 colourways and each face set contains a Tapered, Round, Flat and Angled top brush. Each eye set is £1.59 and contains 5 brushes, again in 6 colourways including a Flat Angled, Round Angled, Flat, Flat Rounded and a Tapered brush. These are honestly some of the softest brushes I've ever felt, I've spent a fair amount of time just rubbing them over my face.. in the most non weird way ever.

The brushes are synthetic for those who don't like real hair and they can be used with most makeup from creams, powders and liquids. I've had no fall out or shedding and they're all different densities, The tapered brush is quite dense and stiff and then the rest are a lot softer. The only downside is they smell quite strongly of plastic or glue but it's fading daily.

I also noticed they looked the same as a very popular Youtubers brushes. I'd recently been on her site after watching numerous videos that she uses the brushes in and she has them for sale for $80 & $60. When I say they looked the same I mean literally identical but without the brand name on them but I can't say quality wise they'd be the same but I've watched a few Youtube unpacking videos and the packaging is even the same!  (I don't want to come across here as a total cow who's raining on someones hard work and business!) Even as a non dupe these brushes are mindblowingly good value.

I didn't have high hopes at all for these, I was expecting some awful ratty brushes to fall through my letter box so I'm over the moon, they're such good quality, a nice weight, no loose ferrule or handles and they only took 12 days to arrive. I have to purchase another set for my kit in the future because these are fab.
If you fancy an extra 20% off use the code 'CN20lafc' for an even bigger bargain!
Would you be tempted by these? If you'd like to see the finish they give let me know and I'll get a post up! and also let me know what you think below.
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  1. I just ordered some :D Great post, I didn't even know the CNDirect website existed haha!
    Leanne Xx

  2. They look so much like her brushes it's unreal! May have to get myself some...

  3. Thank you for this post, I've just ordered 2 of each set :) they're even cheaper than eBay!

  4. Wow these look fab for such cheap brushes, Im looking for some cheap eye brushes at the mo, Im def going to look into these!! Id love to know how they fair up after cleaning, would love you to tweet me & let me know!! @Lianne84
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  5. These look wonderful! Definitely considering it for the great price, and you can never have too many makeup brushes.

  6. It's really bad but most makeup brushes are just makeup brushes, unless you are willing to spend ridiculous amounts. I bought a Bobbi Brown set for £160 and they are exactly the same as the Benefit brushes. Mac are great but also have problems with the hairs falling out. I'm totally going to order these beauties! Thanks for the advice xxx

  7. These look amazing quality but I don't know if I dare to order from a cheaper website and one that I don't know!..
    Great blog post! :) I may have a think about ordering them! haha :) xx

  8. AS IF those brushes are £1.59, they look like such high quality brushes! I may have to order some of these myself ;) just followed your blog, I loved reading through your posts! X