Sunday, 5 October 2014

HOW TO | Kylie Jenner Lips

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We all know Kylie Jenner is all the rage lately and because we have the same names (obviously spelt differently) and she's so freakin' perfect I want to copy her lips, yep I want to copy a 17 year olds look even though I'm 26!
She's been rocking some beautiful Matte shades on her lips and super over drawing them and I found a high street dupe lip pencil to get those awesome mauve dusty pink / nude lips!
There's been lots of speculation on what she wears on her lips and most people have settled with Whirl by MAC but apparently Nic from Pixiwoo asked Kim K herself what her little sister uses and she said Soar by MAC.  
Velvet Teddy & Brave lipstick along with Soar & Whirl lipliner have been the most popular suggestions from MAC as her lip colour, however Velvet Teddy in my opinion is way too nude for the lip she rocks but different lip colours can appear different on different skin tones! 
Just remember to overdraw and flatten out your cupids bow for the big pouty lips Kylie has in her latest pictures. People who've been saying she's had surgery need to take a look at Miss Vouge meets Kylie Jenner because you can see how much thinner they are in video to pictures. (Even superstars look better in selfies than on camera)
The rest of her makeup is always slick and easy so this is a totally wearable look for every day, If you want a cheap dupe for £2.99 check out my latest video below!

What do you think? Do you love or loathe this lip? What do you think about Kylie?

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  2. This is quite a pretty look! The lip color is spot on, and I'm glad it's more pinky than the brown that Kylie often wears which is way too 90s for me.