Tuesday, 2 December 2014

EVENT | Hillarys Craft Day

If you know me you know I'm a creative little critter so I jumped at the chance to get my craft on when Hillarys invited me to Brighton for a craft workshop using their new fabrics.
Jessie and I set off to Brighton and headed on down to Taj's Tea Parlour in the lanes, probably the cutest place in Brighton, if you love anything vintage or shabby chic check it out and grab a cup of tea and a biccy!

We started off with no sew bunting and it was easy peasy, just some fabric glue, rope and some of the new Hillarys blind fabric that we were playing with. Then it was on to the baubles, I can't say they were easy, I got a bit angry at myself as I over complicated it, once you get on a roll it was relatively simple, I just like to make things hard... They do however look brilliant, I wouldn't have thought you could make something so pretty from squares of fabric and pins! 

(look how happy I am about this bauble! haha.)
And if my cool bauble, bunting and cute goodie bag wasn't enough I left with a big bottle of pink bubbly for my caption about the event over on twitter. I had a fantastic and very funny day, as lovely as they are I can't say I'll be making more baubles any time soon though, haha.
Thanks to all at Hillarys, Joe Blogs Network, and Kirsty at Make Do & Mend 

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  1. Sorry I didn't get to chat to you properly, well done on the fizz though ;)

    Sophie x

    1. Don't be silly! I didn't really talk to anyone due to being so engrossed in the crafts! haha hope you had a nice time xo