Tuesday, 16 December 2014

CHRISTMAS | Wishlist!

I'm the kinda girl that wants everything in the world but when asked to write a Christmas list I sat with google open just thinking 'errrrm'  Does anyone else do that? When I was a kid I'd dig out the Argos catalogue and go crazy on the Barbie page but now I just can't think when put on the spot, but here are a few things I'd love..
Christmas Wishlist

Most makeup fanatics own the Naked palettes but I avoided them just because they didn't wow me then I used my cousins Naked 1 and I REALLY liked it, I don't usually care what brand shadow I use but you can always tell a difference with high end. I also chose the 1 as the 3 seem's to be too cool toned for me and I know I like this one.
Secondly I need an iphone dock of some kind, this is the first one I saw so I slapped it in here, being pink too does help but I don't have any form of speakers so when I want to get my Beyonce on I cant. iPad music isn't cutting it. If anyone knows any decent wattage wireless docks let me know, I'd be grateful! 
This Morphe Brushes Warm Foundation Palette looks like it would be fab for cream contouring and it's a steal at $22, I've heard nothing but good things from people who have used Morphe Brushes makeup but being based in America I might be waiting a while.
Now this is a mega investment, I am going to Makeup School in March (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee post to follow soon!!) and I need a set of professional brushes that are for my kit and not to rub all on my face and what better brushes to get than a whole brush belt of brushes! It's a lot of money in one go instead of building a new kit but I'm sure my boyfriend loves me enough, hint hint. I'll probably purchase these with my savings if Santa can't afford these as I think this is a good set for a soon to be qualified MUA!
And lastly I have a nice collection of scarves but my Tartan one isn't the right colour, how picky am I? This is such a fab one, I love red and now my hair is back to boring brown I can wear a red scarf! Hurrah! 
What's on your Christmas list? Let me know what you think below!

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  1. Great wishlist! Hope you get it all haha
    I tried morphe eyeshadows and absolutely hated them :(

    1. Oh no really?! I keep seeing people pushing them so I'm very intrigued x

  2. I must get my hands on the Urban Decay Naked palette also!! Hahaha x

  3. I have to say I have and adore the Naked 1 palette too! Already got 3 but haven't used it yet (I know..) and debating getting 2, but might be a bit cool-toned for my liking.