Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Real Techniques | Retractable Bronzer & Blush Brush

Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush £12.99 & Blush Brush £9.99

Slightly muddled post coming up, I thought I'd share an offer with you and just generally a first impressions kinda thing instead of a 'review' 
Scouring the Superdrug shelves I saw that the Real Techniques brushes are currently on a buy one get one half price offer so I felt I needed to get the missing few for my collection I really wanted the Real Techniques retractable kabuki but they didn't have it or even a place on the shelves for one so I'll have to make my collection complete another day, le sigh.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Weekend | The Hair Nightmare!

Hello you little bunnies, I hope you had a fabulous Easter!

I had a really fun but also slightly traumatising one, my mumma and I went to town and she treated me to some goodies in Primark and I thought hell, you know what I want to go back brown as I've booked a holiday with one of my best friends and sun and sea aren't kind to red hair and I've got another of my friends wedding coming up and I am a bridesmaid. The bridesmaid dresses are a deep but bright purple and vibrant red hair with purple is a match made in hell so it made sense to go back to brown for a few months and hit the red bottle when all is done and over.
However after dying my hair brown and not removing the red I had the most confused hair colour in the world after two washes. My fringe was red and my ends brown, it looked silly so I got a box of trusty colour b4. I removed all the colour and was left a dark blonde but then as the day progressed it got darker and darker and I then had hair that didn't match my extensions at all so legging it to Asda with my pal Jess we got a box of bleach and did the deed. DREADED BLEACH NOOOOO! My hair has been in pretty good condition lately and luckily my hairs still very soft after a bleaching, I'll be giving it a coconut mask and some hugs later though for sure.
I'm currently a very yellow blonde and my extensions are peachy so my original plan was to go ombre again because it's very easy to maintain and isn't as 'boring' as brown so I still have two boxes of dye and I'm going to have to do a reverse ombre tonight, wish me luck. (Please pray for my hair, hahahaa)

Monday, 14 April 2014

REVIEW | Lush | Golden Egg

Thursday, 10 April 2014

ZSL | London Zoo

Hi guys and dolls, just want to apologise if I haven't responded to any comments or even followed back on GFC but as you may have noticed I now have a .com url and it's taken a little while for all my bits and bobs to get back on track since making the change!

Anyway last week my aunt asked me if I wanted to go to London Zoo for her birthday, I'm not really a huge fan of zoo's because I always feel like animals should be free but then again I realise some animals need to be in programmes to help them from the hands of poachers or their habitat being destroyed by us senseless humans. I've been very on the fence about zoo's since my visit to Central Park Zoo in New York it wasn't very pleasant but London Zoo was actually a surprise, all the animals had big enough enclosures, looked stimulated and happy!

Me, my mum and my two youngest brothers set off on the train to London Victoria to meet my aunt and I have to say as always Southern Rail's service was diabolical, If I didn't have to travel with them I wouldn't. 
We went from Victoria to Camden Town and the zoo is a 15 minute walk from there.
Ticket prices for ZSL are £26.00 for an adult and £18.50 for a child, I personally think it's a little steep but we used some 2 for 1 tickets if you want to print them out it's definitely worth it.
Arriving in the zoo there's a giant gorilla statue so we all had some photos and then off into the jungle of animals! 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

REVIEW | Mont Bleu | Swarovski Crystal Accessories

Recently I received a package from Mont Bleu, they are one of the worlds leading suppliers of glass nail files, all made of the highest quality Czech glass and decorated in beautiful Swarovski crystals.
I've never really heavily filed my nails due to the damage I endured when I once had them done in a nail salon, my poor nails bled down one side and were incredibly sensitive so I've been scared to file them for the longest time until I tried these glass files and erm how pretty?! The glass is so much gentler yet it does the same thing as a normal file, the grit on the board is really fine so can take a little while to file down but I don't generally use a file to take massive amounts of nail off so this works brilliantly.
 I've used a glass file before and it was so cheap feeling and thin I thought it would snap and it did after dropping it, you can certainly tell the difference between this and a cheap one off eBay. Unlike normal emery boards these take a lot longer to wear down so it may be a bit more money to pay out now but it's worth it.
I got the large size that's coloured and has crystals on it and a smaller one that's perfect for your handbag and fear not, the glass is toughened so they're super durable and safe.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

REVIEW | Sleek I Divine In Ultra Bright Matte V1 Palette

Sleek Palette | Boots
Has anyone else noticed there's not a lot of colourful palettes available on the high street? Unless you want to go high end you're pretty limited, I noticed on my hunt that every single make up company had a selection of mini palettes or colour trios but they're all dark/nude/smokey minus a few shades.
I'd seen this before so many times but this palette is amazingly bright I had to reason with myself  'Am I ever going to wear these colours?' my heart won the battle but when I got to the counter I had enough points on my advantage card so it was free, definitely a sign it wanted to come home with me.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


For Christmas I got my iPad, possibly the best present ever especially as I travel a lot, I thought I'd post about a few of my favourite apps lately, I'm a sucker for a game and even worse when it comes to playing with photobooth. There's something just so hilariously funny about squishing your dogs head in photos.

Triple Town | Game | Free or £2.49 for unlimited turns.
 Don't be fooled by the cute little bears they're not cute they're actually the baddies in this game, this is a strategy game without playing it, it's hard to explain but the description on iTunes gives you a general idea and it's so addicting I spent most of Christmas and New Year hiding playing this and it hasn't stopped. Great for long journeys and boredom killing and no I'm not ashamed to admit it, but yes I bought it so I could play until my hearts content.
My Fitness Pal | Calorie Counter | Free
I'm sure the world and it's wife use this but if you ever fancied monitoring what you're eating along with your weight this is fab, you can scan in food using the barcode so you don't even have to spend ages searching for calories etc. You can add friends and post your progress or keep it secret, it's up to you but it's brilliant for helping you see where you're going right and wrong with your diet.