Thursday, 5 February 2015

FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Zoeva Luxe Complete Brush Set

I know, I haven't posted in such a long time you've probably forgotten I exist but grab yourself a cuppa because my return post is going to be a big one! 
As I'm off to Makeup school in March I 'had' to get a new set of brushes solely for my kit, I have a large collection of brushes that I use for myself but I needed something really great to use on my clients and students at the school.
I decided to hop on the Zoeva bandwagon as I've heard great things about all of their brushes bar the rose gold set, apparently they tarnish, they have a huge selection of brushes and they're affordable so I chose the Luxe Complete Brush Set, this set cost £94.95, now personally on my 14 hour a week wages that's a lot of money but I think it's great value.
The Luxe set is 15 beautiful brushes including synthetic and real hair, Much like any other brush company they have numbered brushes but I also like that they have the names on the brush so you know exactly what the brush is for if you're a beginner. 
This kit contains brushes: 101 – 102 – 105 – 126 – 142 – 224 – 221 – 227 – 317 – 231 – 315 – 228 – 230 – 234 – 322.
Here are the 4 larger brushes in this set -
101/Luxe Face Definer made from goat hair. The brush is very soft and the tapered shape is great for light bronzing, contouring and powder application.
105/Luxe Highlight made from a mix of natural and synthetic hair. This brush has a medium density and is perfect for highlighting the cheekbones, top of the nose and cupids bow. 
126/Luxe Cheek Finish made from a mix of natural and synthetic hair. A great all rounder that can do the function of the 101 & 105 but I'll mainly use this for precise blush or bronzer application.
102/Silk Finish Brush made from synthetic bristles meaning it's vegan friendly, this brush is densely packed so works brilliantly with liquid foundation for a streak free finish. I've heard rave reviews about this brush so I'm very excited to have it in my collection.
221/Luxe Soft Crease is a rounded top super soft natural and synthetic mixed brush, brilliant for blending a crease to perfection. 
224/Luxe Defined Crease is almost a smaller version of the 221, smaller but the bristle placement is the same so makes for a more controlled application so I think this might be just the tool for a cut crease as it won't blow out your work too much. 
228/Luxe Crease is a pointed crease brush but the bristles are stiffer in the centre so you can control where you apply your product, I also like this for contouring noses, stiff enough for perfect placement but also easy to blend with.
231/Luxe Petit Crease is again a smaller version of its big sister the 228, however I will probably use this for highlighting the brow bone, the inner corner of the eye or adding real depth to the crease as it's stiffer and a lot more precise.
234/Luxe Smokey Shader is a mix of natural and synthetic hairs and even a possible dupe for the MAC 239, perfect for laying down colour or buffing into the lower lash line.
230/Luxe Pencil is a dense and pointed brush again good for intricate crease work or for the lower lash line, pencil brushes are always multifunctional for me as I like to highlight and use pigments with them.
142/Concealer Buffer brush made from synthetic fibers so again is vegan friendly is very similar to the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush, domed, thick, dense and really good at covering those pesky face demons!
322/Brow Line brush again synthetic is a freaking beauty of a brush. Stiff enough to line brows but also you can fill them in without having the dreaded scouse brow, works great with gels, pomade and powder.
315/Fine Liner is angled to make applying any type of liner easy and precise, however I find it's a little soft for my liking but I'm a gel line n00b so it could just be me.
317/Wing Liner really is perrrrfect for getting liner that's so sharp it could cut your enemies. This brush is so fine and I've waited most of my life to find one like it. This will also be brilliant for seriously carving out those 'Instagram' brows.
Last but not least, the bag it comes in. I thought the bag was going to be terrible quality as they usually are but this is so well made, it feels robust and like my brushes will be safe in it.
Overall I love these brushes, they're so well made and I think well worth the money. I haven't washed them yet so when I do I'll edit the post but my first impressions are good. I think they could have maybe substituted some of the crease brushes for different eye brushes or even a fan brush because I now really need one haha. 
Have you tried these brushes, what did you think? Let me know below!

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  1. they look so nice and i love the little bag!! x

  2. They look wonderfully soft, and I like that the bag is of quality! Great post!