Monday, 9 February 2015

REVIEW | Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit | MAC DUPE!

So we all know I have an ongoing love affair with Kylie and I think most of the world has, have you seen the latest pictures of her as a blondie? She reminds me of my all time favourite actress Brittany Murphy! Another reason to love her. Now everyone finally figured her lip combo was Soar lip liner and Brave lipstick but at £28 for two products it's not always the purse friendly option so meet my second dupe. When I say dupe I mean exact match for Soar but in a liquid lipstick sent from heaven.

Sleek have the perfect shade to match Soar by MAC, It's called Birthday Suit and it's wonderful.
It's just like the Lime Crime Velvetines & the MUA Lip Lacquers but this personally, I think is better as it doesn't crumble or flake a lot. One swipe and it stays, I find you can work with it as well, it doesn't dry in seconds so you can move the product round and the applicator is a lot thinner and harder than normal doe foot ones so you can really be precise with your application.

L-R Soar, Brave, Birthday suit.

Let's excuse my attempt of a heart on my hand after one of the puppies scratched me but the outline is Soar and the middle is Birthdays suit, to me it couldn't be closer. I'm so happy I've stumbled across this because it's my go to lipstick and I don't have to worry about it coming off most day and the best part is it only cost £.4.99! They had some lovely shades available so I'm going to pick another one up next time I visit my local Boots or Superdrug, I'm thinking Petal.

Here I am looking very grumpy and the left I have MAC Soar & Brave on and on the right I have Sleek Birthday Suit, the lighting is different in both and I have different hair but in reality they're almost identical!

Have you tried this? Let me know what you think below.

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  1. I just discovered this color about a week ago. So pretty! Have you tried the bourjois liquid matte lipsticks? They have some gorgeous colors (I think a few new ones just came out=