Monday, 15 June 2015

2015 | Holiday Essentials

Every year I try to book a super cheap holiday and get away from it all, this year is my third year back to Palma it's such a nice place to go even the notorious Magaluf is really fun.

I've starting gathering supplies ready to go so here's my check list of things I'm taking;

Saturday, 6 June 2015

REVIEW | Air Optix Colored Lenses from Feel Good Contacts

As a brown eyed girl I've always been incredibly envious of anyone with green or blue eyes but I've noticed a lot of Youtube stars such as Patrick Starrr & my mega girl crush Samantha Ravndahl (Batalash) have worn contacts to enhance their eye colour or change it completely.

I decided to try some to mix up my look a little and I received these from *Feel Good Contact Lenses, I opted for the colour sterling gray as it wasn't as bold as blue but I still wanted something totally different to my normal look.