Monday, 15 June 2015

2015 | Holiday Essentials

Every year I try to book a super cheap holiday and get away from it all, this year is my third year back to Palma it's such a nice place to go even the notorious Magaluf is really fun.

I've starting gathering supplies ready to go so here's my check list of things I'm taking;
PASSPORT - The most important part of your holiday, haven't got one that's in date or one at all, you're going no where! I like to take a seperate ID with me so I'm not taking it out to bars etc so keep that in mind. Always check the date on your passport before you travel!! Also don't forget travel insurance.

CASH - Or travellers cheques. I always split my money. Keep some in the room, some on me and some hidden in my suitcase/bags so if someone does take some it's not the only money you have left. Cleaning services and people at the hotel have access to your room so be savvy.

SUN SCREEN - Probably equally as important as your passport. First up sun screen in the area were staying is expensive because they know us silly tourists and also buying abroad opens you up to counterfeit sunscreen, yes it really exists. Stock up, I'm taking Malibu factor 8 sun oil, Malibu factor 30 spray and Ambre Solaire Dry Mist Protection in factor 30. Because I like to keep my tattoos bright I will also take along a factor 50 for those! I'll grab some after sun too because no one likes red lobster legs.

TRAVEL WASH - I always find I end up wearing the same few things out of my suitcase even though I've packed it to the brim, if I think something's comfy I'd rather wash it and wear it again so here comes travel wash. Better than washing your clothes with shampoo like I normally do haha.

DEODORANT - There's nothing worse than being a sweaty smelly mess in the heat, I love Dove Compressed Go Fresh Deodorant the smell is so fresh and clean, I like that I can take this in my hand luggage too as its 75ml.

SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER & A HAIR MASK - The new L'Oréal Elvive Oils Summer Saviour line is perfect for me right now, it's enriched with 6 micro flower oils and formulated for dry hair exposed to sun, sand, salt & chlorine. All things I need! My hair is a frizzy mess in the heat so I'm even taking a hair mask, I'll decant these to smaller bottles as they're giant but they're currently on offer in Superdrug so I couldn't say no.

SERUMS & SPRAYS - I can't live without a hair serum so I'll be taking my Frizz Ease, travel hair spray and travel heat protect spray.  

JELLY SHOES - I and most people I know despise the jelly shoe craze that happened however I can't stand going in the sea barefoot, the thought of treading on a crab or something really freaks me out and when you wear flip flops on the sand it flicks sand all over your back so I went and bought some and I actually love them, they were only £4 from Primark!

BIKINIS & SWIMSUITS - Now how many do I NEED to pack? probably 2 but I'm struggling to chose what to take but I think I've settled on a black bikini that has multi way straps, a spotty high waisted one and a swimsuit for the water park as I don't fancy flashing anyone!
SARONG - I like to take one just to tie around my waist as I'm self conscious of my wobbly bits and it's great for hiding under in the heat.

UNDERWEAR - I love buying new underwear for holiday, anyone else? I do take a fair amount with me because I like to shower as many times possible in one day so I always need clean pants!

SUN GLASSES - Unless you want your eyeballs to melt I suggest taking some decent sunglasses, ones with actual protection. I bought some off ebay before that are just dark plastic lenses no protection so make sure you look after your peepers! These ones are from New Look for £7.99.

CAMERA - I succumbed to the GoPro hype but I got a Kitvision Edge HD10 as it's cheaper and has a screen. I cant wait to take it snorkelling with the gang.

PAINKILLERS - Now lets be real, on a boozy holiday with my pals I'm gonna suffer a few headaches aren't I, I'm going to take some pain killers, some anti sickness tablets for the flight, a few plasters & the thing we need most.. diarrhoea relief. Water and ice in Spain = bad tummy so I'm going prepared!

Along with any clothing and my huge make up stash I just hope this all fits in my bag, haha! I will also take a handbag with things like wipes and my iPad.

I'm leaving on the 30th with my boyfriend and 12 of our friends and I can't wait, have you got any holidays planned this year? Do you find travel essential posts helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

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