Saturday, 6 June 2015

REVIEW | Air Optix Colored Lenses from Feel Good Contacts

As a brown eyed girl I've always been incredibly envious of anyone with green or blue eyes but I've noticed a lot of Youtube stars such as Patrick Starrr & my mega girl crush Samantha Ravndahl (Batalash) have worn contacts to enhance their eye colour or change it completely.

I decided to try some to mix up my look a little and I received these from *Feel Good Contact Lenses, I opted for the colour sterling gray as it wasn't as bold as blue but I still wanted something totally different to my normal look.

They come in these little boxes with the plastic cases inside and they're hygienically sealed, key word here being hygiene. Make sure you wash your hands before inserting or touching your eye, they're sensitive little things! I used the provided wipe to clean my eye area (optional) and then I opened the plastic containers and proceeded to attempt for a good hour or so to get a contact in and failed. Fear not once you get the hang of inserting and taking them out it's like riding a bike. I watched some Youtube videos and read up then tried again looking in the mirror in a different way and hey presto I had new silvery eyes.

These contacts are suitable for month long and daily wear, the lenses allow up to six times as much oxygen to the eye as other contact lenses so they wont dry your eyes out as they have a 33% water content. If you wear presciption contacts fear not as you can input your prescription online and chose from the selection of 9 beautiful colours. I decided to have them plain and still wear my glasses instead.

When I've finished with my lenses I pop them out into my lens case with some solution ready for the next time I wear them.
I highly recommend these contacts and the company sent out my lenses within a few days, I found them to be comfortable minus my right eye sometimes felt a bit irritated, I'm not sure if that's the contact or my actual eye as I do suffer sensitive dry eyes. I have used contacts in the past and I usually had to take them out by the end of the evening even though I'd only had them in a few hours but these I can wear all day.

(Top picture is my normal eye colour and the bottom two are with the contacts in)

It's a total change but not really obvious like previous contacts that I've used, I got a lot of compliments about my new eye colour and I really want to try the Pure Hazel colour next!

If you want to purchase these lenses click here.
Would you use contacts to change up your look? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. These are amazing! I've seen loads of contacts that don't look realistic at all on the eye but these make your eye colour look so natural x

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  2. I've actually been looking at coloured contact lenses lately, but most types that I found seemed to look VERY unnatural. However these look perfect!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a good link to get lenses, yes?