Saturday, 11 July 2015

REVIEW | RCMA VK 11 Palette

As I'm starting out as a make up artist I need to have a decent kit, as cheaper brands are brilliant for some things I do like to have higher end products for foundations just because to me it's probably the most important part of an application so I opted for the RCMA VK 11 palette to start me off with some great foundation/concealer/contouring and high lighting product.

Now RCMA isn't a hugely known brand but in the make up world I think it's quite popular as the very talented Vincent JR Kehoe founded the company and created what we know today as RCMA, the difference with these foundations to normal foundations? They're created in small batches not mass produced so the colour match is perfect, In manufacturing they are all made with at least 50% pigments to waxes and oils so that a very little goes a long way and the product only contains vegetable oils, pure waxes and FDA approved colours. This means the product doesn't contain any perfume, lanolin, petroleum or mineral oil.

Firstly the shade range is great, there's some warm and some cool great for contouring as well as super light shades for highlighting.
These swatches are one dip in the palette straight on to my hand so you can see this foundation is rich and creamy without being oily, I really love the consistency of these! I work the warmth of my finger into the product and it spreads like a dream, they sit lovely on the skin and don't slide off.
Because of the pigment content I don't need a lot for concealing at all, I even use them under the eye and I don't suffer tonnes of creasing. I can't say they're crease free because you do need to set it and you can get a little dewy but RCMA sell a no colour powder to work along side these foundations. If you go for a bigger palette you can also get a thinner to mix with the foundation so you can sheer it right out, I think this is an incredibly versatile product.

I think personally the price of these foundations is quite high for the amount you get however this is just a 'sample' palette, you get 39g for £55 if you're a lucky American you can get their huge 6 part palettes for around the same price here or even the holy grail large palette here but alas being British we have to pay £££ over the RRP.

This palette is definitely more for artists or people who like to take photos or film make up, not so much for every day wear in my honest opinion as it's definitely more theatrical make up however that doesn't mean I don't love it!

Have you ever tried RCMA? Would you?

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