Monday, 26 October 2015

HOW TO | Clean Your Make Up Brushes

I get a lot of people ask me what's the best way to wash make up brushes so I thought I'd just post how I personally wash mine, there are many ways to do it but this is super quick and easy.

Washing your brushes is so important, doing it correctly will not only help make them last longer but keep the nasties off your face. When you clean your brushes is totally up to you but I generally wash them every week but I spot clean using a antibacterial cleaner in between because it also takes the colour or pigment off so I can use the same brush multiple times when doing my make up.
If I'm working on a client I wash after every single use, the last thing I want is to give someone an infection or cross contaminate my products.

So here are a few of my dirty brushes that I've just used for a Halloween look I'd just created!

Next up I'm going to grab some baby shampoo, I use this or just a gentle sulphate free shampoo or you can buy a selection of 'brush cleaning' shampoos then I grab my secret weapon, my 89p brush egg. I have seen these for £6 in Superdrug so It's worth getting one off ebay!

As you can see it's got silicone ridges and bobbles on so you can get a super deep clean. I rinse my brush under lukewarm water, squirt out some shampoo onto my brush egg and swirl it up to get all the product out and rinse again until its all clean.

Always make your brushes are pointing down and I try not to let the water hit the ferrule, the ferrule is the metal part dividing the handle and the bristles. this is where all the bristles are held together, if it gets wet it can loosen the bristles causing fall out. If you find some brushes are brittle and they need a super deep clean you can always add a drop of oil into your baby shampoo mix, I don't do this for synthetic brushes though as it can make them greasy.

When I'm done with all my brushes I press them between a towel so is soaks up excess water, reshape them then I lay them on a window ledge or somewhere that they can air dry. If you have something like a brush tree or a ledge that tilts down, even better!

A flash palette I used stained one of my brushes so I then took some of my instant make up brush cleaner and went over it again on a paper towel and it came out squeaky clean and no longer stained!

I hope this helped somewhat, there are many different ways to clean brushes but this is super quick and easy, let me know what you think!

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  1. I use a brush egg too! Such a fantastic little product.. And so cheap compared to the sigma brush cleaning matts! xx

    Jessica Ann ♥

  2. I absolutely love the brush egg cleaner! I didn't know how much I needed it until I got it at Christmas. This is a great post, never thought about spot cleaning so I think I'll need to try that out.