Sunday, 7 February 2016

REVIEW & SWATCHES | Gleam Anastasia Glow Kit

My trip to Florida meant I could get some make up that you cant get in the UK yet, I of course went a bit OTT but when on holiday go crazy, right?

I picked up both of the Anastasia glow kits at $40 each but I decided just to keep the Gleam palette, I thought out of the two I'd want to keep the 'That Glow' one as it was all gold and warm tones but it was in my opinion more for the medium and darker skinned of us and I'm hella pasty, even after two weeks in Florida. This kit is the cooler of the two and I find it suits my skin tone more however after using for the last few weeks it will definitely suit all skin tones.

These highlighters aren't like the illuminators they're a different formula and they're definitely more subtle so that means they don't emphasise my pores or scar on my cheek. I never go for pinker toned highlighters as I'm all about the warm life but these look much better on than I imagined.

Hard Candy is described as 'A mood-changing golden peach with a pink pearl reflective finish', Mimosa a 'radiant golden peach.', Starburst 'A rush of cool pink with an iridescent finish.' and my favourite Crushed Pearl  'A glimmering pink and silver with a crystalized chrome finish.' 

They're pigmented but I find a little bit powdery so I like to spritz my face with fix plus or a setting spray before or after applying, I love mixing Mimosa and Crushed Pearl for the perfect highlight.
Packaging wise its the same as the their contour kit, flip open lid with magnetised backing so you can pop them in and out on to other palettes, always handy.

Overall I love these glow kits and think for the price they're great, currently they're not available in the UK (yet...) but I believe you can get them from the ABH website, let me know what you think below!

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