Saturday, 2 April 2016

COLLECTION | Makeup Geek Shadows

Probably some of the most talked about eye shadows on the planet right now is Makeup Geek and there's a reason. They're bloody fabulous. They're probably the most pigmented dreamy shadows I've come across so I thought I'd share my collection so far. 
You can get hold of them on Beauty Bay at £4.95 each. Ok they're cheap but when you buy a few it add's up quickly but compared to MAC or any other high end brand they're a bargain. Not only are they cheaper than most but MUG is cruelty free!

Havoc and Voltage are both duochrome shadows Shimma shimma and Prom night are shimmer shadows and the rest are matte. Just an FYI the shade Vintage isn't brown at all, I have no idea why it's coming out in all the photos as brown! All the pans are magnetised and fit in a Z palette or similar magnetic palettes, I have the large and can fit in 3 rows then the space below they have to be jiggled about a bit to all fit. (Very annoying for someone who likes to be all uniform like myself)
I still have a few I would love to collect in the coming months especially Cosmopolitan, Mermaid and some of the gorgeous foiled shadows. Let me know your favourite MUG shadows below

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