Sunday, 1 May 2016

HAUL | Gerard Cosmetics, Morphe Brushes & Makeup Geek

Beauty Bay has to be one of my favourite make up websites, they have such an amazing selection of products from Anastasia Beverly Hills to Zoeva.

If you saw my last post you'll see I've been collecting Makeup Geek shadows for a while now and of course no trip to Beauty Bay is complete without some so I picked up Barcalona Beach, Cupcake, Cosmopolitan and Tuscan Sun. I also meant to pick up Tikki but instead I accidentally ordered two Tuscan sun's, argh! I also grabbed one of MUG's contour pans to try out in the shade 'Bad Habit' I also got a FREE, yes FREE!!! Foiled eye shadow as a premier sample because I spent £50.

L-R Cupcake, Tuscan Sun, Barcelona Beach, Cosmopolitan, In the Spotlight & Bad Habit.

There was a buy one get one half off on Gerard Cosmetics so I had to try the 1995 Hydra matte liquid lipstick (I have the original 1995 lipstick but of course I needed it in liquid form) and a lipstick in Buttercup, the packaging of the lipsticks are gorgeous. The offer isn't on any more unfortunately however I have seen it a few times so sign up for the emails or keep your eye on the site.

L-R 1995 & Buttercup.
My lipstick came with this gorgeous glittery sheen on it, I was in awe!! The shimmer though came off after the first time I used it so there's no chunks of glitter in the lipstick itself. The hydra matte liquid lipstick has great staying power and is super comfortable so I highly recommend them.

I saw LA Girl is now also stocked on the website so thought I'd have a look and I picked up the Fine line eye liner and I couldn't leave without a Morphe brushes brush. I'm slowly building my collection an they're really cheap but great quality. I got the M139 it's quite dense to pack on colour in the crease but soft enough to blend out beautifully.

Overall I'm happy with everything I picked up despite ordering the same shadow twice, duh. I don't generally spend a lot of money in one go so my collection has been built up over time but sometimes you just gotta treat yo' self.

Let me know what you think below.

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