For all PR and general inquires email me -
I am a PR friendly blogger and I check my emails regularly but if you need to ask a quick question feel free to tweet me @girlsgotaface.
I'm more than happy to answer most questions on twitter but anything more personal please email me.


  1. ....thanks for the follow....fantastic your blog....hugs...

  2. Crap, i think my computer deleted my post... so if you get this twice i apologize...

    Once again... love your tumblr page. You've got a great sense of humor and are just slightly self deprecating in a lovely way.

    I try not to bug people which my music... which is not a good trait when you're trying to get people to listen to it... but i think you may enjoy it.

    I hope you do and if not that's ok too. Keep on being fantastic. ENCOURAGEMENT!